Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Grreat new flick

Yes, Yes, I know... snazzy movie poster here, right...
I just wanted to give a little shout out to this great little film we watched the other night.
I was pleasantly suprised and delighted to discover that this strangely titled piece was not only extremely well shot, edited and composed, but also that the characters were wonderfully unique and the acting talent really worked its magic on a truly distinctive story.

For all you artists and creative people out there, you will greatly appreciate a film that focuses on excellence in craftsmanship and the creative process. Even though this film is about the development of manufacturing shoes and not "high art" I find it to be relevant to all creative people, whether they might be making candles or oil paintings.

I just really appreciated observing a person working their way through the creative process and trying to navigate their way around the delicate balance of form and function.

I feel like most of the time movies always show the artist as a flake and the artistic process as this highly dramatic and emotional upheaval, when most of the time my experience is quite the contrary... I find that most of my artist pals are quite pragmatic about themselves and their work, knowing what they want and searching until they find it... I think perhaps the artistic process is more about trial and error and trying things on until you find the perfect fit than about a dark and tortured soul.

Well now, I didn't mean for this post to be quite the rambly soap boxing it has become, but oh well, sometimes you suprise yourself by how many thoughts you have creeping around in there.