Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Thomas the Train gone wild

This past weekend we took little Laughfer Daffer to the Thomas the Train event at the Chattanooga Railroad (thanks townleys!!!). And as you can see, I got a little camera happy. Maybe I was just a bit too giddy about all the free kiddie activities. The place was totally sensory overload ville.... giant bubble wands, train sets, Thomas tattoos (seemingly temporary), a petting zoo, an inflattable jumper and other stuff... I'm sure the is something that I'm leaving out.... like some poor teenage kid trapped in a giant Sir Toppem Hat costume getting toppelled by an onslaught of pre-schoolers! eh eh eh
And as you can imagine, they loved it.... the funny thing was that I think they liked all the free activities more than they got into the actual train ride, which ya gotta have a ticket for! I guess it's the same as those first christmases... when they like the box more than the actual present... don't ya just love that about little people???
So, for all you Chatt town parents out there... this little outing is definitely worth your while... you just can't beat all that activity filled fun for free yo!

And one last thing... you gotta make sure to think of all your old school photos when you check out that last one of Lavender and Matthew in front of Thomas... totally reminds me of my old prom pics!!!! so funny!!!