Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Marathon

It is finally here... the big day my Sweet has be training for - RACE DAY... Yep, today is the Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon. And my sweet hubbie is running his bootie off right now. Yep, he is running and running and running and we have cheered him at the launch and are now at home and cozily drinking tea and eating pumpkin bread... seems unfair, huh!
Being at the Start line and being a part of this race and this day has just been amazing. I am so very proud of my Josh. And its not just because he is running his first marathon... its so many things... for having the discipline and dedication to train for such a feat day in and day out... to run even when it is freezing cold or blazing hot... to run even if you feel guilty for it... to run even though you might be intimidated or nervous... and to have found something you love to do. It is for all these things and so much more that I am proud... so very proud of my husband.
It's funny watching some one take on something like this is not what you would think it would be... I thought it might be like watching some sort of painful masochism, but it hasn't been like that at all. I mean, yes, there have been the hard things... the blisters, the injuries, the sweat... but mostly, being a witness to training like this just inspiring. Watching Josh train for this marathon just makes me think he can do anything... anything at all he sets his mind to... and maybe, just maybe, I might too.

Way to go, Sweets! So immeasurably proud to be at your side...