Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Big 30!

Yes, Yes... Jen has now officially entered the 30 year old age group! I had a big whopper of a birthday yesterday and I must say it was a blast, despite the big number... thanks to my lovely husband, family, and soooo many good friends!

My big birfday went a little somethin like this...
sleepy jen wakes to an eager joshie & lavender clutching a cutely wrapped present... the box reveals a picture of pine cones in a basket (that looks suspiciously like the one in our den)... I go to the pine cone basket and there is a pic of our Hemingway books, where I find another picture that leads to another sneaky, unexpected place and so on until..... .... .... drrrrrrrrruuuuuuuuuuuuu (that is a drum roll) I find my real present... which is a brand new tinnnie tiny little cannon digital camera just for me !!!!!! It is so lovely and tiny that they call it an elph... so cute, huh.... and EXACTLY what I wished for!!!!

I kept finding myself missing out on many photo worthy Lavender outings b/c I have no room or extra arms to wield the giagantor camera with broken lens that we always use... you mommies out there know what I'm talking about!!!! We need technology that we can operate with one hand.... yes?!

Anyways... all throughout the day I had these little reminders of my little celebration and how much those around me love me too. Joshers made a lovely breakfast for me... which was very tasty... and we also had a slammin party out here at the house... hotdogs... bonfires... beer... smores... old friends... newer friends... cool rubber stamp presents... and balloons too. Oh ya... I also received a incredibly swanky pair of Confederate colored flip flops that say REBEL across the bottoms... they make me feel WILD... just wild I tell you!!!! Watch out you don't know what I'll do next! I am the super duper 3 0 celebrating, rebel yelling, wild one...... WWWWOOOOO HOOOOO!