Saturday, June 23, 2007

Baby Girl to come

So this week we had our very first Ultrasound of the new babe... and here she is!!!! Yes, yes... SHE... it is indeed a sweet little girl!!!

We couldn't be happier...look how cute she is already! (Actually the face forward pics always scare me a little... they kinda look alienlike, ya know.... )

Nevertheless, the tech said all is well... the heart developing right on track, kidneys working, measurements right on track and the like. We were relieved.

I didn't post these right away b.c we got a call late on Thurs. day afternoon from my midwife saying that she needs to speak to me regarding the ultrasound, but not to worry.... which, of course, makes me worry. Since she is off on Fridays we have to wait to find out what that is all about till Monday... so thus.... we wait. But, God is good and we trust that he will protect & care for all of us... even the smallest ones. Enjoy out babe's first pics!