Thursday, March 27, 2008


Who knew how fun hunting down plastic eggs could be??? Here are a few charming little shots of Lavender and her best bu, Matthew. I know, I know... it is kinda late for Easter pics, but hey, late is how I roll these days... eh eh

It was so incredibly fun to watch these tiny ones running around with baskets that were just as big as their little bodies! So funny and cute too.

These two were hilarious... Matthew was just tring to find as many eggies as possible while Lavender was waaay more interested in shaking the eggs. Come to find out... Matthew only had eyes for eggs filled with little cookies, while Lavender was in hot pursuit of ones with change klinking around inside.

Anyways... this was such a fun day and it was all possible because of our sweet friends... thanks T crew.... you made our Easter so lovely!!!