Thursday, March 06, 2008

A faceplant & a Revelation

Yesterday at the Nature Center Lavender was running and KAsPLAT! did a faceplant right in the middle of the path. She's ok, but ended up with one of the worst busted lips I have seen in awhile... Poor kiddo.
At the time, I seemed to manage to stop the bleeding and handle it ok, thanks to my good friend Erin (you're a life saver, by the way!)... but hours later... after all the cold packs and ice, my Sweet husband returned home from work.... thank goodness. I was so relieved just to have him there - such a constant support and encouragement.
The poor guy was rewarded with his wife turning into a weepy mess over dinner... geez... Every time I looked at little Laufher's fat lip I just felt so bad, so guilty... like I should have been able to catch her or should have watched her more closely. I'm sure all you moms out there know what this is like, right...

Anyway, I just have become so aware of how precious and fragile these little people are and how many times they fly around and could probably knock themselves into a blivion. I am amazed at how much you can love someone and feel so strongly the tremendous weight of being entrusted with such a special job of caring for them.

All this to say, I have been overwhelmed by the force of love in our little family and find myself wondering about the awesome ways in which God loves each of us.

So thankful for every person in this little family and for a heavenly father who has limitless grace.