Monday, December 08, 2008

the weekender

IMG_5051 I don’t know about you cats out there, but our weekends seem to be just flying away with all the Christmas hub bubb… don’t get me wrong, I love love love Christmas, but I do get a little frazzly about the sooo muchness of it all. IMG_5059 There is just so much to do, see and participate in… I do love living in a place with so much to do, but I am finding that you gotsta be a little choosy if you don’t want to loose your head, ya know.

IMG_5074 So, after an evening of Christmas parading downtown, I felt like I needed just a little get away. So yesterday I escaped with my sweet sis in law, Lindy to the Hunter Museum for their first free sunday of the month and to see all their beauuutiful Christmas trees. IMG_5088

IMG_5068 The trees were really works of art themselves, but I found myself almost more enthralled by all the new architecture. I know it’s not really new, but it’s new to me. IMG_5072 I still remember free days at the Hunter with only 4 other people roaming around and empty space everywhere. To say that it was well attended is quite the understatement… I had to park on 4th to even get a spot!!! what tha… anyway… yes, so much has changed, but I am in love with the newness… change is good and keeps your mind and ideas flowing…. thank goodness.

IMG_5070 Oh yeah… we also finally got a Christmas tree and I got the house all gussied up for Christmas… makes being home all the lovelier! Hope your weekend was inspirational, kids!

IMG_5083 IMG_5077