Monday, December 01, 2008

Chriffmas time

ok, i know, i know... lots and lots of pictures again! But hey, I guess there are just sometimes when you find your world colored by many picturesque moments and you just know that you'd be a fool not to shudder bug away at them... or you do what I often do and not pull the camera from the depths of a overly stuffed diaper bag and then berrade yourself later for not. Funny
Anyways... if you cats are local, I'm sure you have gathered what these pics are of... The Grand Illumination!! For you out o towners out there, this is a christmas event downtown where there is a lighted boat parade in the TN riva, much song and dance and eventually (brace yourself, kids) Santa parachutes down to Ross's Landing and then makes some sort of festive dramatic display that causes all the buildings downtown to light up and show off their holiday illuminosity... and yes, illuminosity is a word... ;)
Anyway, I know I sound way too sarcastic to have had much fun, but it all was actually really really fun... even for my sweet, crowd a phobic hubbie... but maybe it was our incredible company that made it so great... Milla and Lee.... we just love ya and the girls are stiiiillllll talking all about you. "Lee had a red hat, mom"   "Milla said she was getting me a shirt with red letters"    "What did Milla say she dream?"   "Does Milla have a pink house?"   "Lee and Milla live seconds and seconds and far away!!!"
Yes, yes... my dear friends have captured the hearts of my girls... but, of course!!
One last thing... Lavender is already in love with Christmas, which is apparently called "Crifffmas" --- who knew?? funny girl