Saturday, November 29, 2008


so I had possibly the most lovely Thanksgiving to date... this has always been by far, my favorite holiday. No exceptionally overcommercialized confusion about why we do what we do... just thanks... for everything we have and are. There are too many things to say about the thankfulness that fills my heart for this blessed life I get to live. And even better to have one day in particular to savor and celebrate it.

Our thanksgiving was filled with so many lovely little things that all equal the greatness of our life...
a beautiful table full of glorious food, so lovingly created
a glorious post bread breaking walk through the brightly colored woods
the sounds of little feet running behind and in front of us
almost being outnumbered by little ones
warm chai after a long, chilly walk
and most of all... family

I love you dear ones... can't imagine my world without you
Thanks for all you are and do.