Monday, November 10, 2008

Art history according to Lavender

Here are a few things Lavender has to say about the great world of art history...

Lavender definately thinks that Mona is smiling. "Yes, she IS smiling... she's not sad."  And she also asked if this was a picture of me... Wha  What???
Marsden Harltey paintings look like toys... 
and this one by MacDonald-Wright she likes - when you ask her why she will say "Because she sees lots of things... yes." - personally I have always been super creeped out by this, but what do I know... eeks.

And the ol' 'Lucky Strike' has lots of shapes. She likes that one too. 
But, 'The Blue Clown'... not so much she says. (Smart girl... Walt Kuhn painted all these super creepy clowns - all parents should take a look at these so they don't make the dreaded "clowns are soo fun, let's have one at little Billy's birthday mistake")
More from our art history tours lata, kids!