Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A new day

So this election is finally concluded and my body sighs with great relief. And I gotta say that as much as I did not ever want to write about anything political on this little ol' blog, I find that rule so ever hard to keep in the midst of such a monumental year. It seems that no matter what I do, I have a constant shadow of awareness of this election and the countless issues that ride on its shoulders. And even when I'm not awake I seem to be thinking about it (Case in point : Last night I dreamt that I met Barrack Obama and when he turned to greet me... It was Al Roker --- what the.....?)
All this to say... I'm happy that this election has reached a swift and generally problem free conclusion. And I feel many things...
to see an African American finally reach such a pretigious leadership position
that this race represented so many seemingly unacknowledged American voices - that of women and so many minorities
that the candidates I was most excited about dropped out of the race long ago (as they do every election year)
to be here and watching our country make big choices
for the hard work ahead for our President and our country - so many things to work on
and finally Readiness
I am so ready for the proclamations to cease and the work to begin. I'm ready to put aside who we voted for and do the work of making this country a better place to live and work and be for ourselves and most of all for our kids and the generations to come.

All this to say - the results are in --- the election is done... let's do the work kids... pray for our leaders and get our hands dirty.