Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The gems of Lavenderville

Lavender has come up with some pretty hilarious stuff lately.

Here are a few gems for your enjoyment....

Yesterday she comes to me and says...
L: Mom, I ate a purple one
M: A purple what?
L: Bead (she didn't)
M: What did it taste like?
L: A..... Flashlight!
M: A flashlight??
L: We don't eat flashlights, mom

And in the car...
L: Mom... remember that boy?
M: What boy?
L: The one on the slide that was having some green hair???
(We went to a festival where the kids were running around with painted hair)
M: oh yeah
L: He WAS! Having some green ones...

And then this morning...
L: Mom, I name my girl
M: Your doll?
L: yes
M: What did you name her?
L: Creamy snake
M: oh
L: I'm just being kidding!

Bill Cosby would be proud, eh...