Monday, November 17, 2008

the perfect weekender

so I gotsta say that one of my most favorite things about the cold weather is the forced homeness of it all. We spent most of the cold weekend at home... my castle... my favorite place to be.

and we even got to do my favorite thing... we took a nice invigorating walk in the woods. I can't say enough how much the outdoors feeds my soul. It seems to be the perfect antidote for so many of life's ailments.
It is as if a sort of purification or cleansing takes place... and suddenly all the shoulds of your everyday melt away and you can't remember that thing that you thought you needed to own soo very much or all those additional commitments that you thought you needed to make or how you really should be doing a better job at one of your million roles.
Suddenly all the important things... this collection of little people and the amazing person who gave them to you is all you can see.

And somehow it is just easier to see the source and center of all we do behind these faces that smile so widely simply at the acquisition of a simple leaf.
My heart is thankful that I have a God that teaches me so much through the smallest things.

On another note... does anyone know what these wonderful green seed pod thingies are that drop from the trees every Fall?
When my bro and I were little, these made the greatest bombs in countless wars (even though they are remarkably heavy - yikes... er)...

Oh yeah... you gotta check out Autumn's bundled up baby look! so funny! I think Lavender's gloves will be the new hot fashion trend this Fall!

Peace out, yo!