Monday, November 24, 2008

Autumn and her big birthday!

So we had a little birthday party for my little tiny one year old girl! can you believe it... one whoppin year old!
geez, it really does happen as fast as they say. Ya know how everyone always says "they grow up sooo fast.... bladdie bladdie blah." Well, all those people are right. It does indeed happen so very fast! And the silly thing is this: It is not like we don't know this is coming... we know, and it STILL surprises the heck out of us... sheesh!

In all of it, I still feel as though Autumn is my little baby. I still feel like I had her just a tiny bit ago. I still feel like she should be in the tiniest baby diapers and be playing only with the "safe toys"... all these things I know, even if I don't want to all the time.

There is something especially about Autumn that makes me want her to stay so small.... perhaps it is because she is simply my youngest girl or maybe it is because there is a good chance that she is my last baby. I don't know what it all is and feel like I shouldn't dwell on these clingings, but I know I would be fooling myself if I didn't just say these things out loud.

But ya know... despite all my attachments to her firsts, I still find myself so happy to see her grow... to watch her learn new signs, new ways to communicate and move her little body.
I am ever joyful to see her big beautiful smile, to see her get so excited about something that she just has to bob up and down to get it all out!
I am priviledged to be such a big part of the growings of this little person.

This weekend we celebrated... celebrated the debut of this little beauty one year ago, and the tremendous blessing she is!

God is good!