Wednesday, November 19, 2008


so things have been really fun and really funny with these girls...

First off... Lavender now has a posse of stuffed animals... And here are their MOs:
There is a tiny white rabbit named Bunny Ka Cat, a black cat named Bear Tank, and another rabbit called Rabbity Decent and someone equally as strange that I can't remember. So weird, eh... funny too!

I simply cannot tell you how funny it is to hear this little girl asking her mom to find "Rabbity Decent"... eh eh

Little miss Autumn Marie said her first official, clearly pronounced word this weekend and you will not believe what it was....

It was NO!
loud and clear... NOOOOO!!!
Na na na Nooooooooo! NNOOOOO! No!

Hilarious... and a little tragic too... I don't even want to think about what this means.

And finally here is a little convo I had with Lavender this morning.

L: What is that blue and red thing?
Me: What blue and red thing?
L: The blue and red cone thingy that you don't have.... Daddy has...
ME: Where is it?
L: In the bathroom...Yep... Daddy cuts his hairs with it
Me: You mean the Clippers!!
L: Yeah...Daddy uses it to cut his hairs. Daddy doesn't have a beard.
Me: You're right about the clippers. Daddy trims his beard with them
L: Daddy doesn't have a beard
Me: I think he's growing one
L: No, he doesn't have one. See, he clippered his hairs with it this morning, see... so he doesn't have one... He doesn't, Mom... See?