Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Faufer is the name by which Lavender now goes by, thanks to her sweet little sis... who is constantly trying to say Laughfer. Yes, I know that it is incredibly funny that our littlest has given big sis another nickname because she cannot say the original nickname.
On another note, Miss Lavender totally pulled out all this stops today and about made me crack up into a million pieces! See, we have been going to church on Wed. nights and they conduct a children's class. In this class they learn the "God Basics" (or that is what I call them).... like 'What did God make" etc. etc. - So, tonight Lavender brings home her drawings and class papers and we are looking through them. I noticed that there is this one of a big playground scene depicting kids on slides, swings, running and all sorts of stuff. And some of these kids are playing nicely together, sharing toy trucks and stuff while others are like hitting other kids with sticks and stuff... (I know, right... ) Anyway, at the top of the page it says something like, "point to the children are doing things that please God" and "point to the children who are not". So, I ask Laughfer this stuff and of course, she goes right through the motions pointing to the "correct" kids like the good little child robot. And then I see one more question at the top of the page... So I ask Laughfer "Which children do you want to be like?"
To which she immediately points to the girl who is pushing this other kid to the ground.

Nice, right???

And a little tidbit from our car ride to church for your reading pleasure....

L: Awww, Man! Did you see that bank?
Me: Huh?
L: You know the one with the furniture...You get gas in it...
Me: uhhh
L: You know that one
Me: Yep???
L: Did you see what happened to it?
Me: nope
L: The sky broke off!
Me: It did... huh?
L: Yeah... It's a bummer, man. I don't know where it is... It just, like, broke right off.
Maybe a tree fell on it - Yep... a tree.

What this means I will never know.