Wednesday, September 09, 2009


So I know its been like ten years since my last ye ol' posty... but, I finally made it back to this little ol' portal into cyber land... that is sounding a heck of a lot more than "little" in my mind right now. And I find myself pouring over the insane amount of things I have neglected to share with you guys... I seem to be a person who gets totally addicted to the technology world or who absolutely rejects even the thought of sitting down in front of the computer screen. It is either one or the other with this girl... I am either updating my silly Facebook status every few hours or I don't even go into our office for days. It is like absolute obsession or complete neglect...Are you guys like this too? I hope so.

I am amazed that it is already Sept. and in my neighborhood I am already seeing the signs that summer is showering us with her last lingering rays and that Mother Fall is right upon her heels. I hear her calling to me at dusk... reminding me of the brilliance of color that will grace her leaves and fall down all around us... teasing me with promises of ripe apples and big beautiful pumpkins! Oh, I do love Fall and I am excited to see her, even if it means that my long summer days that stretch into bright evenings will soon be over.

Oh... I guess I was supposed to be telling you about what has happened, not what will hopefully be, right???
Oh well... I will just say that this last bit of lovely summeryness has been celebrated and joyed in with the onset of our sunflowers blooming, the excitement of little girls enjoying miniature tea time with real porcelain, long wonderous naps, many hours spent in the pool and a very over due and soul filling camping trip with my constant outdoor companion... my dad.