Monday, February 11, 2008

Laughfer's big 2nd Birthday

Thursday was Lavender's big 2 year mark... I can't believe she is already two years old!
The poor kiddo's party had to be postponed due to "the sickness" (which made me feel incredibly sad - being the cause of the cancel and all), so we had a mini party at home. Mimi totally saved my bootie and picked up a ready made cake and a giant Tweety bird balloon... Laughfer thought it was the cooolest thing.. she was jumpin' and chasin' that thing all over the house like a crazy woman!

But, she loved having the pre-made cake and some of her b-day presents... which is another thing - Joshers & I were somehow crazy enough to get her this little pink plastic guitar that plays the most annoying tunes that haunt us in our sleep - i guess that is a rookie parent move, huh! - I did make a vow to never give music making presents to any kid who's parents we wish to remain friends with!!
anyways, it feels like the big 2 year mark for Laughfer has come and gone without much mental or emotional awareness on my part, since I have been in this weird, warpy, timeless sicky land of zombie. I just keep reminding myself that there will be a celebration for Laughfer and little Naya soon and that I didn't drop the ball. erh...