Saturday, April 26, 2008

new favorite things!!!

here is a material girl post headin' out to all ya bloggers out there! Yep, yep, I have gotten some supa dupa shwag as of late that was just too too cute not to yak about.

This beeaauuutiful necklace came my way from the Kirby crew for my b-day... the pic is not the greatest - hopefully you can see it is has a drawing of autumn leaves on it and lavender blooms!!! my 2 precious ones represented on the back of a #2 domino - SSoooo Coool!! thanks kirby crew... what a cool and wonderful gift commissioned just for me!!

And my sweet momsie gave my this awesome retro apron - yes, i know - an APRON... i have some how come to greaatly apreciate the practicality that is the apron.

And here are these wiicked cool toddler shoes I picked up for Autumn in this nifty ifty antique store. sooo supa cute, huh...

ok- I guess I'm done bathering on about this material stuff. Which reminds me ---- I had my first real metaphysical convo with the Laughfer this week. So interesting and funny too.... she 'snashed' (smashed) a rollie pollie we found happily walkin' along in the yard. yep, smashed the little dude dead as a door nail. no comin' back. i think she gets it, but can't be certain. She just kept saying "I kill pollie" - kinda hilarious and eerie too.

oh the lessions of life - tough stuff, huh....
i out!!!