Wednesday, April 23, 2008

No blueprints for this kid

I have a bit of a love for posting reject lettas... here is the most recent from CreateHere for the grant program recieved via email.
The wierd thing is that I really don't feel that bummed about it since it would have been such a tremendous undertaking for an already overloaded gal. But, common on... it would have been fun. Nevertheless, I must admit that I am extremely happy to know that the applications equaled roughly 6xs the amount of moneys available for the taking.

I can't wait to know just what ideas the panel did select for completion.... perhaps it was for a giant statue of a catfish or maybe for a performance art piece entitled 'The pizza went down all wrong".... how the mind spins outta control with query.... hhhhhhmmmmmmm.

anyways... here I am waiting for god to fill me on the next 'big thing' in jen world. Thank goodness life is not full of blueprints and clear paths... how interesting and strong would we be with that???

peace out homies!

FROM CREATEHERE - one of the most tastefully written rejects I have eva received!!
Dear Jennifer,
Thank you for submitting your application to CreateHere for the MakeWork Grant Program. With 97 applicants and over $885k in funding requested, MakeWork quickly became a very competitive program and yours was amongst the group of very strong applications.
We are sorry to inform you that your application has not been approved by the April 21st Jury Panel to move on to the final round. For your information, the jurors are listed below. We, however, congratulate you on a fine application and encourage you to continue to play a strong artistic role in the Chattanooga community.
We wish you the best of luck in your creative endeavors.
Thank you,
The CreateHere Staff