Wednesday, April 02, 2008

will my wish be granted???

so on monday i scurried around town in a bit of a flurry to get my grant proposal turned in for the Createhere Make Work grants. I have been in a bit of a blur ever since I decided to jump on this train. I was so hesitant to embark on such a journey that may or may not produce any fruit whatsoever.... somehow it felt like critique time back in ye ol' art department days where you labor and labor over a project till the wee hours of the morning only to find out the next day that your work was dreadfully lacking in compositional integrity or somethin... erg. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate those hard times of learning the fundamentals, but let's be honest... that is hard stuff... not the funest fo sho....

anyways... all this to say, I got up the gumption to submit a proposal for a project that has been incubating in my brain for many many years and I'm so glad I did... even if I don't make the cut. If you're wondering what this elusive proposal is about, I will fill ya'll in if I pass the test.

and one last thing... I wanted to give a shout out to Lauren & Cannon for the awesome words of recommendation... thanks more than you know. and I also wanted to just say to my mom and my sweet little fam... thank you for putting up with zombie jen while I have been so consumed. I promise that you will no longer have to put matchbox cars in my coffee cup or say my name 12xs to get my attention. love yous