Monday, March 16, 2009

Cleaning is over rated

so this weekend as the rain came down I found myself holding a little 3 year olds foot and being inundated with cries of "pink... pink... pink... i want the pink poalish!" and as I looked up I awoke to a sight I will treasure for years to come... My sweet husband so intently painting the tiniest of toe nails and one very happy Autumn Marie. It was so funny to see Autumn perched in her little chair watching her sweet Daddy like she had experienced pampering of this level a thousand times before. So funny!
I guess all I wanted to really say today is that I feel so blessed... blessed to have a partner on this journey that loves his girls more than imaginable. And somehow today as I look around my messy little house I see the evidence of this love at every turn. When I go to blog away there is a tiny little polly pocket riding around in a Strawberry Shortcake shoe on Josher's desk... a gift from Lavender that he refuses to put away. At the fridge, his portrait a la Lavender hangs proudly and on top of it the finger painting they did together drying for the 5th straight day. As I look at all of this beautiful mess I realize that I have tried to "clean up" every bit of these things and was stopped by a smitten Daddy. And somehow I don't know how I missed the evidence of his great love for his little women all around me every day. I guess our messy houses can hold the keys to unlocking our hearts and showing us the meaning of our days and the love of the people who fill them... if we let them.

I love you and your big heart Josh Kring.