Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The things of Feburary... better late than never, right??

February was a rather full month for this crew.  If you know our family and friends, then you know that there is not a week that goes by in this month that we are not celebrating someone. We loved sharing in the delightful joyousness of this time of year for sure... so many parties, presents and so much fun!
And now that a new month is here and the sugar has finally ceased pulsating through our veins.... I am remembering all that this month has held... new haircuts, new work schedules, play dates, spelling lessons with green beans, visits from friends, paying respects to lost friends, bonfires and school tours. It has been a big month fo sure!
And now that things are slowing just a bit and the sugar has stopped rushing through our veins, I find myself so eager... to finish all the countless art projects in my studio, to finally bring that garden plot in the back yard to life and to enjoy my kidders out in the glorious sunshine and to run through freshly cut grass... Oh Spring... come soon!
In honor of the random collection of content in this post, I thought a random collection of Lavender qoutes would be an appropriate addition...

"Lions and elephants eat eggs and potatoes, right?"
"You put food in your mouth, not in your hair"
"Quesdillas are like napkins because they are white"
"Is this Badonna, mom?" (yes, yes... Madonna is frequent musical presence in our world... Lavender will even belt out a few lines of 'Holiday' for ya if your real sweet!)