Thursday, March 12, 2009

My window sill

the amarylis that graces my window sill has finally begun to bloom again. It's brilliance impresses and awes me at every glance. I find myself overtaken with memories of the last time it bloomed... the week our little Autumn Marie came into this world. It seems as though that were a lifetime ago. The only constant thing in our world has been change and I am reminded of this every time these two little faces look up at me.
It always amazes me how far they have come in only a year... how differently they move and express themselves. I can't believe Autumn is walking and can ask for specific things. She has begun to leave behind so many baby signs for sounds trying ever so hard to make those words. When I hear her say "BOB peeezzzs!!" I know she wants me to play Boberanne by the Beach boys (her fav new song). I don't know why it is so sweet, but it just is.... it warms my heart and makes me smile and I feel dorky because I want to cry sometimes.  It seems that no matter how much time I spend being with her it is never enough... not for me. I love watching her hobble over with a giant book and plop down in my lap and say PPEEZ.  Perhaps being a mom is mostly about being smitten.