Saturday, August 12, 2006

The CNC experience

So, one of my new favorite things to do in our little Chattavegas town is exploring the Chattanooga Nature Center. So lovely!!! Here are a few pics of my outing with my pa and little Lavender girl.
We all fell in love with this wonderful treehouse they have that you can only get to via a stroll down a shady boardwalk. This is my dream home! Someday I will live in a house like this one... In the exterior shot it might look like it is built around 4 trees, but it is really just one big big big girl stretching out her lovely branches! NEATO - can't say that enough!!!!! The other shot is an interior (duh, jen) and you can see why I am so mesmerized... this thing is decked out with stained glass winders, intricately carved posts and even a swing to relax in! I have about a trillion more pics of all these things, but even I realize that not everyone wants to see every crevis of this thing... eh .

Now for the most important pic of all... my pa and my little one. I love the way my dad looks at my daughter... it's like you can see the love, pride and happiness that only a father knows. I love this picture!

I could say a lot of things about everything we saw today... the beautiful flowers, the bobcat, a bald eagle, some snakes, and friends from other seasons... but the day is fading and there is a cool swimming pool waiting for me & my sweet family. lata, kids!