Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Ella, Cantelope and First Words

here is a pic I tried to post a few days ago. Lavender and I went a swimmin' with josh, lindy and the fun to play together before josh had to go back to school! This pic is ella checkin' out little Lavy's fine hair...obviously Lavender is really concerned with keeping up her do. smile
and yes, here is more Lavender! Shocking, I know. anyway, I was really excited that she was able to hold her own food for the first time. Cantelope - yum. She definately did not inherit her daddy's taste buds! She'll be like her mama... actually eating green things and such.

I also would like to ask for your opinions here...
Lavender has been saying 'DA DA' for the past few weeks... I think this counts as her first words. However, Josh here says that it doesn't count since she does not know what she is saying. First of all, all communication starts with mimic, so how do we really know when this tiny little person really knows what they are saying? there is no way to tell... so in my infallible book (eh eh ) DA DA is the first words. done... let me know what ya'll think.