Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Fruits of my labor

here is a piece o' art i just finished. i'm very happy with the colors and the look of it... we'll see how long this happy feeling sticks around, considering that most of the time i like a finished work for a total of 1 week tops. smile.
not really sure what to title this guy... i find the task of titling artwork such a drag. there seems to be only a few pieces in my world that really need (deserve?) a title. perhaps some of you other arty cats know what i'm sayin'.

and this here cute little grape tomato is the first fruit of my vegetable garden! it now lives in my tummy and i hate to admit that it didn't even taste super good... hmmm. i think i should stick to growing herbs and ornamental plants seeing that all my veggies have gone south or been eaten by june bugsies or woolie marmots. somehow growing a baby girl seems easier to me than keeping my tomato plant alive!