Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Postcards from Chickamaugie

So I had this idea to do a series of collaged postcards (for looking at, not for sending)... and here are 2 out of 12 I finished a last week or so.

It's kind of funny... I started with these little postcard sized pieces o paper, but then I found these great (and cheap) 5" x 7" frames. So, the postcards grew... and grew... and grew a little more... until they fit into their big boy frames.

I really like the buzzard in the yellow Q postcard.
I guess I should call them something other than postcards, eh. Hmmm.... Yostcards, toastercards, boastingcards, roastingcards... AAAGGGHH - no more Rhyming I mean it!!!