Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Clothesline Success!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are a few snippets from the Women's Clothesline show that took place this past weekender at Laura's house. For those of you who didn't make it... it really was a pleasure to be there...and to participate. For me, being with other women artists whom I respect in such a lovely stress free environment was a treat... truly. Those of you cats who have been to Laura's home, you know a thing or two about the peace & comfort that envelopes you when you are there. At one point I thought that my feet might just have grown little roots that connected them to Laura's blue garden chairs. The experience of this show was colored with good conversation, great food and so much visual stimulation. Lovely.... just lovely, i say.
This weekend just reinforced over and over again that this is the kind of environment in which art was meant to be viewed. I just think that people need to see art living with people...they need to be in a comfortable place... a place where conversation isn't stifled and they can meet artists and be themselves.
Perhaps the gallery scene is just not always the right fit for every artist...or every viewer, for that matter. I know that the older I become the more weary I become of going through those motions. And perhaps I should take note b/c my sales this weekend were grrreat! Thank you everyone for coming out and supporting us!