Wednesday, May 23, 2007

New works!

Here are some new works for those of you guys who couldn't make it to Clothesline. I should have posted some of these guys much much earlier, since a lot of them were done just before the show... but, anyhooo.... here they are!!!
I hope you guys like these new square canvases as much as I like making them. I think they are going over pretty well since a lot of them found happy homes this weekend... The first two birds pieces and the penguin have found new abodes in our little Chatty town... However the airplane, zebra and polka dot birds are still looking for theirs...
If ya want one just let me know!!! Some of the 4x6 corky collages with the antennas are still available too... but you just gotta ask if you're looking at one in particular....

For those techy art appreciators... the square canvas works are done with a process called beeswax collage, where no adhesives are used... all the components of the piece (whether drawn or a series of various textured papers) are dipped in beeswax and and adhered to the canvas with heat.
A very cool process... very eco-friendly, virtually weather resistant (although I wouldn't hang outside - the sun is a big bleacher), kid resistant, drop resistant and does not melt unless it hits almost 200degress!! so cool!!! These pieces are also portable since they are only 4" x 4" and 2" deep. I am such a fan of this new thing, if you can't tell... I guess that's what happens when you spend 10 years of your life dipping every collage in polyurethane!!!!!!!!!!! he he