Friday, May 04, 2007

Filming Time

Well, things have been so nutters around here that I haven't had a chance yet to give you cats a heads up about all the action taking place in and around little Chicky mauga... my good good friend, John is shooting his short film right here in town this week!!!

I probably shouldn't say too much about the film itself... I know how much Joshers hates it when I give any sort of description or explanation about his films (and lets face it... I am a wordy girl... and most of the time I end up just coming right out and tellin ya what the whole thing is about anyway - such a bad flaw for an artist to have... I should give the audience a little bit more credit and allow them to make up their own minds, righto..... blah)

Any freagin way... It has been nice to be back watching such a collaborative creative process unfold before my eyes... I love film and am ever impressed with the artistic give and take that happens on set.
It is just such a different kind of creativity than what I find prevading in the fine art community... which let's face it, is totally centered on the idolatry of the individual... you know... so introspective... such an emphasis on the names at the bottom of the canvas and the artist and his or her process rather than the actual work... sorry... don't mean to sound snooty... I just think the fine art community could learn a few things from our colleagues over in the films, ya know...

All that blathering to say... watching my husband and an old friend working together on such a creative level is really so cool. I'm so happy that my sweet husband is back on that scene again... and I know he is pretty excited about it too (he is the key grip guy on set...)!!
It is a lot of hard work and we all have been doing very unglamorous tasks to make this thing come together, but it's been a lot of fun too... I find myself doing anything from set dressing to running out to get live worms and signs... I love this weird behind the scenes stuff... Such a fun job!

I'll post some more pics of the shoots lata... have fun kids!