Monday, May 07, 2007

Down Home Days

So you cats are about to get a glimpse into a small town USA phenomena called Down Home Days !!!! This is a little celebration that has been going on in this one horse town for as long as I can remember. It used to be a relatively small event with one stage hosting cloggers, southern rock bands and beauty pageant contestants fighting for the grand title of Little Miss Chickamauga. However the most popular site of the event was a parking lot with one lonely junker car, I remember it being an El Camino, where you could pay one dollar to bash it to bits with a sledge hammer....

But now.... it has grown into quite the thing to do... the whole Chicky population seems to come out to enjoy an assortment of activities that include going down big inflatable slides, riding mechanical bulls, getting their hair teased and spray painted into wild shapes, eating BBQ and fried oreos and taking in a wide assortment of music or perhaps even purchase a handmade doll or quilt.

I know it all seems funny, but I love living in a town where you can see kids riding down the street on 4 wheelers, vendors dancing together outside their videalia onion tents and people carrying anything from dogs, kids or snakes in their arms... it is so unexpected... so unpretentous... it just is what it is and there is no where else like this town I know.