Thursday, October 23, 2008

Big Skies

it's funny... we moved the computa out of the den and made an office out of one of our bedrooms and I gotsta tell ya that it has really changed my techy addiction. I am embarassed to admit that when I have to walk past our computer to do anything I am magnetically pulled to it... it is almost uncontrollable. So it is a new bittersweet development at the K house... nice to be living more and recording it less, but unfortunate to not be up to date on so much.

Nevertheless... life goes on.

On another note...
I keep finding my camera filled to the brim with dozens of "big sky pictures" and tiny detail pictures. I keep finding myself taking pictures of the Autumn sky... something so mesmerizing about that much blue!

Anyways... here are some big skies for you! oh, and tiny details too!