Thursday, October 02, 2008

Da Zoo

so we went to da zoo yesterday and here is a wittle glimpse of the fun.

We caught up with Laughfer's good bud, Mattdew there and they had the best time running around, holding hands, dancing, chasing one another and the like... just look at all the fun!

Now Autumn is finally getting big enough to see some of the animals and check things out a bit too. She was wavin' wavin' wavin' to the spider monkeys and staring right back at the macaus ( I have absolutely no clue how to spell the name of that dern bird)
anyways... the weather has just been too nice to stay inside as of late... we have been ramblin' from one park to the next and checkin' out the zoo every dollar wed. just so we can be out. Just can't get enuff of this glorious early fallness! So lovely.

Hey... on a funny note... here is Autumn looking totally terrified on the carousel. I guess I'm not supposed to say things like that, but hey... who are we kiddin' - sometimes our kids are funny... and you just gotta laugh it off, right?

and one last thing.. this last pic of Mattdew made the 31photos bloggie. To check out our little project, go here:
and try not to get too scared of the spooky van cannon pic currently at the top o the page!

hope your week is as lovely as ours has been!