Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dipping Raw Silk in Beeswax

So for all you cats I haven't seen in a bit here is a little snippet of what I am usually up to... almost all my artwork these days can be identified by the term "encaustic collage"... it just means that every component of the piece is adhered to the canvas with beeswax.

I take big blocks of beeswax and melt it down and basically create a collage utilizing beeswax as the adherent substance through a heating technique.

My little ol' Facebook status about dipping Japapnese raw silk in beeswax was the result of my giddy enthusiasm to see how lovely the fabric took to the wax... Just take a look... you can see all that gorgeous gorgeous texture and even all my hard hours of underpainting and layering shining through!! Yep, I am pretty happy about how this piece is coming along, even though we are nowhere near finished... (funny how it always seems like I am in that stage?!!!)

Anyways, I posted some before the wax pictures of the lovely raw silk and you can see the after the wax pics of the canvas and let me know what ya think!! (sorry for the lousy photo quality guys... I am so wicked tired right now... )