Friday, October 03, 2008


Calling all gardners....
Yo! I gotta a super pretty tree that is FREE FREE FREE if you would like it.

These beautiful shots are of the pride of my garden... The Angel Trumpet Tree.
Wow.. whatta looker, eh?

Anyways... It is with some sadness I must say adieu to my little tree. See, we live in a neighborhood rampant with little tiny children, all sorts of dogs and pets, etc. That is what we love about our little ol' neighborhood, but it is actually a drawback when you plant a poisionous plant in your front yard that just beckons to those tiny, curious fingers.

If you would be interested in planting this tree in your yard you are welcome to it. We just need to move it out asap... so let me know if you want it, kiddos!!

a few things to know abut angel trumpets:
Sun loving plant
multiple bloomer
fragrant blooms
fast grower
eats and drinks a lot
is a tropical plant (but most survive winter around here - mulch mulch mulch)
and unfortunately posionous (leaves, blooms, the whole bit of it!)