Wednesday, October 29, 2008

This one goes out to our Anna

so this one goes out to our dear Anna, who is in a beautiful far off land.

Miss Anna gave my sweet girls these really wonderful paint sets before her departure. And the funny thing is that they have started an artistic revolution up in here!

I'm not sure quite what the magical ingredient was in these paints, but whatever they had in them, it sure does work it's magic!

Since we have used them we have begun painting on any and everything... matboard, muffin cup paper, toilet paper rolls, ribbon spools... you name it, we have probably painted on it! And not with just acrylics, but with watercolor, pastels, crayons, and lovely Anna paints (as they are called here)!

Anyways, I'm not sure why out of all the creative projects we have embarked on, why these paints have become the catalyst to creating a new passion, but whatever the spark, I can't express how happy it makes my heart. I know, I know, we should be happy to watch our kids flourish in which ever field they are drawn, but I confess, if it is art, my little ol' heart would melt!

oh yeah, here is Lavender painting... and yes, we consider the hands to be a supa cool canvas!!!

and for Anna, sorry we haven't posted pics of the finished "Anna paint" project... more to come lata!

and one more thing, our little ol' computa is on the frittzers, so if ya don't hear peep from this end for a bit, that may be why. Hopefully we'll get is fixed up supa soon!! peace out, homies!