Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Have I mentioned....

Have I mentioned my Autumn Marie??? well, I can't remember the last post about this cutie and I just have to say that she is magic!

This momma is falling more and more in love with this little babe every day... even if she is crying all the time with the onset of some new toothies!

This little crawlin' machine has taken up a new hobby I haven't told ya about... She chases! Yep, she will chase you room to room. And she's fast too! Boy, those little hands and feet can really get a move on!
I guess the sweetest thing about this new hobby is that I know it comes straight from her little heart that just can't get enough of you.

This tiny girl just loves people so much she can't get enuff... which you would know if you decide to put her down to do the dishes or somethin' - her favorite place to be is riding around in someone's cozy arms!

So sweet!

Anyways, I'm sure you have read enough of the blatherings of a smitten momma, so here's signing off...