Saturday, June 14, 2008

101 Reasons I adore Laughfer

I love that it is so easy to talk to rocks.
I love that I find a "fan" made of carrots & banannas at the end of her meals.
I love that she says "Lud you, mom" without prompting.
I love that flowers are still Fossies.
I love the fearlessness that brings many boo boos
I love her smo kisses (eskimo kisses)
I love being invited to "sit on the couch with me!"
I love her curious big brown eyes.
I love declarations that Dadda is a sweet heart.
I love her circle running "dancing"
I love that little voice telling me to "be happy, mamma"
I love fierce hugging.

I love countless rounds of the ABCs
I love tiny little painted fingernails
I love cries of "it's a pretty day, mom!" from the backseat.
I love repeating again & again what jobs every person we know holds
I love hearing "nice to meet you" from those tiny lips
I love the toy getting on Autumn's behalf
I love declarations of love for Mimi, Lindy, Juden, Dadda, Ella and so many more

I know I could go on and on like this for quite some time, but I fear all the bloggers out there would weep from boredom. I guess all there is to say is this...
I love her big heart and can ever really get enough of being with her. She is such a treasure and I pray she never doubts that for even a moment.