Monday, June 16, 2008

Suzanne Vega, the Sweee Heart

So we have been listening to ALOT of Suzanne Vega lately... love her.
Laughfer is a very big fan of Suzanne Vega. Here is what she said about her:

L: Mom, I want the Changing song (Marlene on the Wall)
Me: ok
- song plays -
L: Who say that?
Me: what?
L: Changing Changing Chhhhannnnging
Me: Suzanne Vega
L: Go see her
Me: Well, I don't think we can actually go see her. But, we can listen to her as much as we want, Ok?
L: ok.
L: Suzanne Vega is a sweee hearrt!!! We go seeeee her!!!
Me: We can't.... maybe we can write her a letter and tell her how much we like her Changing song.
L: ok

So now we are writing her a fan letta.

So funny, right??!!!