Saturday, June 28, 2008

linseed driftings

tonight I had one righteous evening in the studio...
it seems to have been far far too long since my last adventures here, although I guess it really has only been a few weeks. but somehow it seems like a lot has happened and the only thing constant is change.

Many thoughts, ideas and wanderings seem to be flitting through my mind tonight at warp speed and I find myself so happy to have nothing but the company of my brush and a music player for a couple o hours or so. So nice to get lost in music and just do what my hands seem to know what to do.
I am so thankful for some chunks of time to remember that God created in me a need to create and simply to savor the ability and means to do so. It has been far too long since I have actually put a brush to canvas since my encaustic obsessions have reached such a fever pitch. The smell of linseed oil and the sound of brush on canvas is intoxicating tonight.

I will sleep will with thoughts of images to come to life and a mind that can rest with these tired hands.