Friday, June 13, 2008

kimono rose & the dentist's chair

yo kids... this week I had the great pleasure of going to ye ol' dentist office. Yep, that's right - the dentist.... dunt duh dunnnnn..........
I cringe to reveal that my last appointment was eight years ago!!!!!!!! yes, I did say eight! i know, i know... so bad, right??

Anyways, many lectures later and a laundry list of things to fix in ye ol' mouth... I am here to tell all ya'll to remember to floss and go to the dentist!!!!!

oh and one more thing... if you do decide to be a responsible kiddo & get in the dentist chair, make sure you do something nice for yourself afterword. I bought some lovely purfume... It made all the difference!

We gotsta give ourselves some little pleasures, right? Mine was Kimono Rose - It is so lovely!