Thursday, June 05, 2008

Creative Souls

Lavender has just completed her very first canvas work of art.... yep, yep... she was quite insistant that it have her hand print "RIGHT THERE, MOM!" so, I put one right there. Other than that, every little mark was put to canvas via Lavender Zoe. I think it turned out pretty cool!

I must say though, that I thought little ol' Laughfer would be more into than she was. She was much more into putting the pencils and oil pastels in and back out of their little home. Can we say OCD, anyone??? Oh well, I guess the artist in me will just have to shut it and let her do her own thing. I gotta say that that saying you will let your kid explore all on their own is easier than actually allowing it - and I NEVER thought I would say somethin like that. I guess you just get into that mamma/instructor mode and it's kinda hard to pry off. Nevertheless, I am so excited to do more such activities with the girls and see what they come up with. God is so cool to give us such creative souls!!!