Saturday, July 19, 2008

Nature's bounty

So I have been read read readin' away on Barbara Kingsolver's book 'Animal, Vegetable, Miracle'... and there is just so much to say.

I guess I just didn't expect to become so deeply inspired... inspired to make changes... changes that effect those everyday seemingly mundane things like making meals and shopping.
yeah... shopping... plllahhh... I can't stand shopping and I know that at one time I used to love taking great unhurried meals full of healthy, tasty veggies... But, ya know... that seems like a lifetime ago.
Let's face it... most days a meal is comprised of what is the quickest simialance of food groups thrown onto a plate before the weeping and knashing of teeth ensues.... i mean I don't totally throw all nutritional knowledge out the window, but of course, there seem to be these compromises that have weazeled their way into my world and have gained momentum at a pace I didn't think possible.

These things slowly seemed to wittle me down into a place of feeling involuntarily addicted to Walmartification. I just kept finding myself there... for anything... and everything.
ahhh - I know, I know... the place you dread so often becomes the place you frequent the most, right.. it just feels so defeating when you know you are supporting the monopoly that is not only bringing a steady closure to small business, but also offering products that are cultivated with a lack of integrity. I know I sound like a wack job boycotting at the entrance of Wallyworld, but I know most of you feel this too as you walk the miles of shiny aisles with lists running through your minds.

Anyways... I find it so hard to make changes that work in my chaotic world that are good for my family - their bodies, minds and needs... especially without the fanatism that these type of changes can bring with them. For me, there always seems to be this overwhelming feeling that there is a universally "right way" to do things - the right way to shop (eco speaking) and the right way to raise your kids and on and on...

All of this to say, I am pleased to be informed of new options for this "American life" - which for me is just being commited to shopping locally for our family... to make our bodies work better and to help our girls understand that nature's bounties are blessed cultivated gifts that come from a very important sector of our community that needs to be supported.

There are so many things I could say about these new ideas - I know that these things can seem so cultish, but I guess I am just happy to be slowly getting off the industrial agriculture train in way that is practical and soulful.