Saturday, July 26, 2008


so on Friday we went a pickin' - yep, blueberries mostly and few of the fattest blackberry stragglers you have eva seen! I must say, it was definiately one of those oh so wholesome fam outings... and what made it even better was sharing the harvesting with our good friends, Shawn, Erin and Matthew. We ate berries until our stomachs pooched out and I thought all our hairs would turn blue...
I think the ones who had the most fun were, of course, little Laughfer and Matthew. They like the picking and all, but I think the most fun they had was simply chasing one another across fields covered in melons and bushes.... it really takes soo much, right???
Anyways, I will tell ya that the closure of our little wholesome adventure was pretty hilarious... we stayed much later at the farm than we had intented to and found ourselves with some pretty whiny kiddos... hungry for something other than bluedees (that is what Laughfer calls them!) --- all that to say the car ride got kinda crazy.

This is the exchange I had with Laughfer on the way home.

L: hungry, Mamma! Can we have fries?
Me: Nope
L: Can we have mac n cheese?
Me: I dunno, hun... we will have to see what we have at home.
L: Auwwwhhhh.....
--- much whining and crying, so I said this
Me: Laughfer look at the sky!!! Aren't those clouds beautiful?!!!

--- and here is what she said!
L: NO... They're Gross!!!!!!!!!!

nice, eh???
Love that wackadoo girlie!!!