Monday, July 21, 2008

Education on the playground

so check this out... we (the girls & I) were playing on our little neighborhood play ground and this is what I overheard from a couple of 7 yr. old YMCAers:

"Kiss him!!... Awwww, com'on KISS HIM! It ain't nuthin... I can kiss a girl for like... 4 hours!"

Girl: Watch this!
(as she pretends to hump a plastic ride along car toy like she's riding a mechanical bull)

You're humping that car!

"Why are you lookin', ya sicko!
I told ya everythang on this playground is sexual... ridin' these cars like.... Uh uh.... or that pole like... uh uh uh!!" (she says as shes humpin' away with one hand up in the air!)

what tha ??????????????????

Was the playgroung really always this foul???

I think my memory card is corrupt.