Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Plants, God and planes

today I was talkin with Laughfer over lunch and here's what she said:

L: Whas wrong with dat plant?
Me: The one outside?
L: MMMM hmmm... What's wrong with dat plant?
Me: He's sick
L: Whats that mean?
Me: He drank too much water and it made him sick.
L:He's gone?
Me: Yep... sometimes when plants get really sick they die.
L: He's with God?
ME: Yes! When plants die they get to be with God.
L: And fly a plane...
Me: What??
L: Is this my leg?
ME: Yes
L: What's it do?
Me: It walks and runs and holds you up.
L: Outside?
Me: Yep... and inside too!
L: I like that... I like that leg.

--- Funny, eh?