Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sleeping Penny Lessons

so we have this hand carved wooden vase full of pennies and spare change that little Laughfer daffer just can't get enough of... she loves to look at the shiny coins and stick her little hands all in them. This is all fine and good and germy which I didn't really care too much about till I caught her trying to stick a penny in her little mouth.

For awhile we have been telling her that the pennies are sleeping and that we should really try not to wake them up. (so wrong, huh!) Anyways, this ploy worked for awhile... but now, the coin obsession is back.
So I had this really great idea....

I said, "Hey Laughfer, I have a great use for the sleeping pennies!" And then I preceeded to tell her about how there is this store called Greyfriar's that takes all kinds of sleeping coins and sends them to kids in Africa so they can get food, water, etc. (no joke - this is a fo real charity event for the month of July, where you can bring in cups of spare change to trade in for a yummy cup o joe)

To all of this Laughfer had many many questions... like these....
Where is it (Africa)?
We go there in the car??
We go there later?
Is Africa coming in here (the bathroom)?
Africa goes potty???????? (What??)

Anyways.... after an incredible amount of explanation, I know Laughfer got the idea that there are kids that don't have food and water and that they are far away, but need help.
My sweet one took to the idea of sending the sleeping coins their way, but I didn't realize how much the idea hit home until about an hour or two later... I was putting her down for a nap and I could see little cogs spinning in her head so I asked her what was wrong and she said she was sad. I asked why and she said for the kids with no food. --- oh my little heart!!

After much reassurance, I think she understands what's up...

Hopefully this tender little heart isn't too overburdened... big lessons for mom... geez....can we say too much information!!! So hard to remember that these little people are so ever easily affected and they lack the callous self preserving layers that we "adults" are so accustomed to. God give me grace....